Enhancement to Offline Sync in Filamente for SharePoint and Office 365

In Filamente 3.0, we are planning to introduce UI updates and offline sync enhancements for better user experience. The UI change will appear in the following three areas:

1. SharePoint lists view

When the app is performing the offline sync on the background, the UI will show a progress of how many documents are being downloaded for each SharePoint document libraries. When offline sync starts, the progress indicator will appear and when the offline sync finishes, the progress indicator will disappear.

Offline Sync - SharePoint lists view

2. Offline Sync Status view

Similar to a SharePoint list view, the Offline Sync Status view will show the status of offline sync, and additionally the screen will show how many documents are currently being downloaded with the total number of documents to download.

Offline Sync - Sync Status view


3. Offline Sync Configuration view

By tapping the “Offline Sync” button from a SharePoint list or document library, you can launch the Offline Sync Configuration view. In this screen, you can enable or disable offline sync for the specified SharePoint list or document library, change the maximum file size (per file), and whether to download all items or download items in a specified SharePoint view. The SYNC STATUS section in the screen will show the summary of the current offline sync status.

Offline Sync Configuration view