changing 24-hour clock format

How to Enable 24-hour Clock for a SharePoint Calendar View?

Filamente uses 12-hour clock by default for a SharePoint calendar view. For example, after 12:59 pm., the time is displayed as 1 pm.

Change the Time Settings
You can change how the clock appears by following the steps below:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Enable or disable the 24-hour format
changing 24-hour clock format

Enable or disable the 24-hour clock format affects the time format of a SharePoint calendar view

Logging Level

How to Send Error Logs for the Filamente app to the Technical Support Team?

When you go to Settings -> Get Support, the Filamente app will automatically attach the error logs to a support email. To adjust the logging level, exclude the log file or view the log file by yourself, please read below.


Adjusting the logging level

If you need to adjust the level of the error logging, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap the Logging Level under the Advanced Settings section.
  3. Select None, Error or Verbose to change the level of logging.
    • None: No activities will be logged.
    • Error: Only errors and exceptions will be logged (This is a default setting).
    • Verbose: Errors and all detailed activities that are considered helpful for troubleshooting issues.

Note: To delete existing log files, tap the “Delete log files” button.

Advanced Settings -> Logging Level


Excluding the logging file on the support email

If you do not want to attach a logging file with a support email, simply delete the “filamenteLog.txt” from the email by placing the cursor right to the “filamenteLog.txt” file and tap the backspace key from your iPhone or iPad.


Viewing the contents of the log file

If you would like to read the contents of the log file by yourself, go to Settings, tap Get Support, and change the email address for the email recipient from to your own email, and send the email to yourself. The “filamenteLog.txt” file will be send to your email inbox as an attachment.

Enhancement to Offline Sync in Filamente for SharePoint and Office 365

In Filamente 3.0, we are planning to introduce UI updates and offline sync enhancements for better user experience. The UI change will appear in the following three areas:

1. SharePoint lists view

When the app is performing the offline sync on the background, the UI will show a progress of how many documents are being downloaded for each SharePoint document libraries. When offline sync starts, the progress indicator will appear and when the offline sync finishes, the progress indicator will disappear.

Offline Sync - SharePoint lists view

2. Offline Sync Status view

Similar to a SharePoint list view, the Offline Sync Status view will show the status of offline sync, and additionally the screen will show how many documents are currently being downloaded with the total number of documents to download.

Offline Sync - Sync Status view


3. Offline Sync Configuration view

By tapping the “Offline Sync” button from a SharePoint list or document library, you can launch the Offline Sync Configuration view. In this screen, you can enable or disable offline sync for the specified SharePoint list or document library, change the maximum file size (per file), and whether to download all items or download items in a specified SharePoint view. The SYNC STATUS section in the screen will show the summary of the current offline sync status.

Offline Sync Configuration view



How can I copy and paste wiki or blog contents with background colors?

Question: When I copy and paste wiki or blog contents, the Filamente app does not copy background colors. How can I accomplish this with Filamente?

Answer: iOS changes text sizes and colors automatically. But luckily, you can undo this! After pasting your wiki contents in the text field, shake your iPhone or iPad to bring up the Undo Change Attributes dialog. Choose “Undo” to recover the lost text sizes and colors.

In Filamente v2.8, we’re discontinuing support for iOS7

Dear customers,

We’ve had a look at the statistics and it turns out that there are about eight percent of our users who are still running iOS 7. This number is going to drop in the coming months, especially once iOS 9 is introduced.

We’ve decided it’s not a good use of our time to make sure that Filamente is running as well as we’d like it to on this platform which the vast majority of our userbase has already moved away from. So, we’re dropping support for iOS7 from Filamente v2.8 which is expected to be available in August 2015.

We hope that you understand and appreciate our decision because it means we’ll be able to spend more time on improving the new version of Filamente.


The Filamente Team

[Tutorial] How to Access Office 365 with ADFS?

Filamente supports not only cloud identity authentication, but also synchronized identity and federated identity authentication. This means that, if your SharePoint site is configured to use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), you will be able to access your SharePoint site with your corporate ID in the form of a user principal name (UPN; for example,

Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365

Filamente supports various Office 365 authentications in addition to other authentication methods

To add a SharePoint site with Office 365 authentication, please perform the following steps:

  1. From Workspace, tap “+”
  2. Provide Site URL, Description and tap Next (If you leave Authentication as ‘Detect automatically,’ Filamente app will detect a correct authentication method)
  3. Tap New User…
  4. For Username, provide user name in the form of a user principle name (UPN; for example,
  5. Provide Password
  6. Tap Save


If you have a trouble accessing your SharePoint site with Office 365 authentication, please verify if the authentication method for your SharePoint site is set to Office 365 by performing the following steps:

  1. From Workspace, tap Edit on the top left corner
  2. Select your SharePoint site
  3. Verify that the value of Authentication is Office 365. If it is set to Office 365, tap Cancel. If authentication is not to set Office 365, tap Authentication, select Office 365, tap Next and tap Save.

If you still cannot access your SharePoint site after setting the authentication type to Office 365, please verify your user name or change password. Please click this link to learn how to change password. Please note that your user name should be in the form of a user principle name (UPN; for example,

Further readings

[Tutorial] How to Edit SharePoint Contents With No Internet Connection

The Offline Edit feature is available as a beta with the release of Filamente v2.7.0. With this feature, you can add or edit a SharePoint item or upload files to your SharePoint site even when you do not have access to Internet via the Offline Edit feature. The Offline Edit feature is enabled by default.


To enable or disable the Offline Edit feature, please perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the Filamente app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Enable or disable Offline Edit (Beta) under the Offline Sync section.

[Tutorial] How to Enable Background App Refresh to Download SharePoint Items Background


When a SharePoint list or folder is marked as “Offline Sync,” the Filamente app can retrieve the SharePoint contents even when the app is running on the background. To use the feature, please enable offline sync for a SharePoint list or folder and verify that Background App Refresh is enabled for the Filamente app.

How To Enable Offline Sync

To configure offline sync for a SharePoint list or folder, please perform the following steps:

  1. From Workspace, navigate to your SharePoint site
  2. Tap “Offline Sync” icon for a SharePoint list that you would like to sync. (If you would like to sync a sub folder, navigate to a sub folder and perform press-and-hold)
  3. Enable Offline Sync
  4. Tap Save


How To Verify Background App Refresh

If the Background App Refresh feature does not work, please the following steps to verify that Background App Refresh is enabled for the Filamente app:

  1. Settings > General
  2. Tap Background App Refresh
  3. Verify that the Background App Refresh is enabled
  4. Scroll down to fine the Filamente app
  5. Verify that the background app refresh is enabled


[Tutorial] How to Logon to a SharePoint Site with Mixed Authentications (Windows & Forms Authentication)

If your SharePoint site has a following login screen that asks you to choose between Windows Authentication and Forms Authentication, your SharePoint site is configured as a mixed mode authentication.

Select the credentials you want to use to logon to this SharePoint site

To access this type of site using the Filamente app, please perform the following steps:

1. Tap “+” to register a new site.
2. Select “SharePoint site”
3. Provide your SharePoint site URL for the Site URL field
4. Tap Authentication, and select “Mixed Authentication (Forms & Windows)”
5. Tap Next
6. Provide domain for the Domain field
7. Provide userID for the Username field
8. Provide a password for the Password field
9. Tap Save

Please note that you will need to use an account that has access to the Windows Authentication rather than the Forms Authentication.




[Tutorial] How to Access MySite / OneDrive using Filamente for SharePoint and Office 365?

Step 1: Navigate to your SharePoint site
Step 2: Tap the OneDrive icon on the bottom left corner
Note: This feature is supported for SharePoint 2010 and above or Office 365