changing 24-hour clock format

How to Enable 24-hour Clock for a SharePoint Calendar View?

Filamente uses 12-hour clock by default for a SharePoint calendar view. For example, after 12:59 pm., the time is displayed as 1 pm.

Change the Time Settings
You can change how the clock appears by following the steps below:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Enable or disable the 24-hour format
changing 24-hour clock format

Enable or disable the 24-hour clock format affects the time format of a SharePoint calendar view

Filamente for Android can Display Only Week Days in a Calendar

Thank you all for the suggestions. Filament for Android v1.4.5 now supports a way to display only week days in a calendar. See below for the screenshots:

Android - Week Days for Calendar

How to change language (FAQ)

Filamente will automatically use the language  set on our iOs device. To set the language on your device:

1. From your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings app

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 7.44.20 PM

2. General should be selected (if not tap General)

3. Tap International

4. Tap Language

5. Select a language


5.  Tap Done




Filamente will be in the language you have selected.


Delete List Item Step 1

How to Delete a List Item in SharePoint and Office 365 using Filamente (Android version)

Please perform the following steps to delete a list item in Filamente (Android version):

Step 1: Tap the three dots icon from Lists screen

Delete List Item Step 1

Step 2: Select “Delete” option from a dialog box

Delete List Item Step 2

Step 3: Confirm Deletion

Delete List Item - Step 3


What is different between the full and lite versions of Filamente?

The difference between the full and lite versions is that the lite version does not have editing capabilities and misses VGA Output support along with many other features. The editing capabilities include the followings:
1. Add/Upload/Delete a file to SharePoint document library
2. Add/Attach/Delete a file attachment to a SharePoint item
3. Take a photo and upload it to a SharePoint document library or attach it to a SharePoint item (Available in iPhone and iPad 2)

Do you have a free version of Filamente?

Yes, Filamente Lite is a free version of Filamente. It offers all functions of Filamente except for adding, editing and deleting SharePoint data. Filamente Lite is available on the Apple App Store.

How can I buy it?

Filamente is available on the Apple App Store

What is Filamente?

Filamente is a SharePoint client that allows you to perform various tasks that you cannot do using a regular web browser on your iPad or iPhone such as document and picture upload, offline access and managing multiple SharePoint sites.