[Tutorial] How to Access Office 365 with ADFS?

Filamente supports not only cloud identity authentication, but also synchronized identity and federated identity authentication. This means that, if your SharePoint site is configured to use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), you will be able to access your SharePoint site with your corporate ID in the form of a user principal name (UPN; for example, demo@filamente.com).

Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365

Filamente supports various Office 365 authentications in addition to other authentication methods

To add a SharePoint site with Office 365 authentication, please perform the following steps:

  1. From Workspace, tap “+”
  2. Provide Site URL, Description and tap Next (If you leave Authentication as ‘Detect automatically,’ Filamente app will detect a correct authentication method)
  3. Tap New User…
  4. For Username, provide user name in the form of a user principle name (UPN; for example, demo@filamente.com).
  5. Provide Password
  6. Tap Save


If you have a trouble accessing your SharePoint site with Office 365 authentication, please verify if the authentication method for your SharePoint site is set to Office 365 by performing the following steps:

  1. From Workspace, tap Edit on the top left corner
  2. Select your SharePoint site
  3. Verify that the value of Authentication is Office 365. If it is set to Office 365, tap Cancel. If authentication is not to set Office 365, tap Authentication, select Office 365, tap Next and tap Save.

If you still cannot access your SharePoint site after setting the authentication type to Office 365, please verify your user name or change password. Please click this link to learn how to change password. Please note that your user name should be in the form of a user principle name (UPN; for example, demo@filamente.com).

Further readings

[Tutorial] How to Logon to a SharePoint Site with Mixed Authentications (Windows & Forms Authentication)

If your SharePoint site has a following login screen that asks you to choose between Windows Authentication and Forms Authentication, your SharePoint site is configured as a mixed mode authentication.

Select the credentials you want to use to logon to this SharePoint site

To access this type of site using the Filamente app, please perform the following steps:

1. Tap “+” to register a new site.
2. Select “SharePoint site”
3. Provide your SharePoint site URL for the Site URL field
4. Tap Authentication, and select “Mixed Authentication (Forms & Windows)”
5. Tap Next
6. Provide domain for the Domain field
7. Provide userID for the Username field
8. Provide a password for the Password field
9. Tap Save

Please note that you will need to use an account that has access to the Windows Authentication rather than the Forms Authentication.




[Tutorial] How to Access MySite / OneDrive using Filamente for SharePoint and Office 365?

Step 1: Navigate to your SharePoint site
Step 2: Tap the OneDrive icon on the bottom left corner
Note: This feature is supported for SharePoint 2010 and above or Office 365

Tutorial – How to Hide Standard SharePoint Libraries Like “Site Assets” and “Style Library”?

Filamente automatically hides specific lists such as Form Templates, MicroFeed, Site Assets and Style Library. To exclude other lists, please perform the following steps:

1. From the app, go to Settings
2. Tap the Exclusion List under the Advanced Settings section. By default, the app excludes lists such as Form Templates, MicroFeed, etc.
3. To add a new list, tap “+,” provide a name of a list, and tap OK.
4. To delete a list, swipe to left on a list, and tap DELETE.

For Filamente enterprise customers, we offer additional filtering of unwanted sites and lists specific to the customers. For additional questions or inquiries for the Filamente Enterprise, please contact us at sales@aircreek.com.

Tutorial – How to Manage SharePoint and Office 365 Sites with Filamente Android

Screencast on how to manage your SharePoint/Office 365 Site with the Android version of Filamente.


Is there a way to go directly to a specific page instead of the root directory of our SharePoint site?

Yes, you can achieve this by marking a specific page as Favorite from items view by tapping a star icon. Once the page is marked as Favorite, from Workspace, you can tap Favorites view to access the page directly without needing to go through a root directory.

I cannot connect to my SharePoint site after providing Site URL, Username, Password and Description.

Please verify that you have appropriate permissions to your SharePoint site to register your SharePoint site to Filamente.

What authentications does Filamente support?

Filamente supports Windows-based authentication, Basic authentication, Forms-based authentication and Claims-based authentication

What versions of SharePoint does Filamente support?

Filamente supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Office 365, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint Online.