[Tutorial] How to Access MySite / OneDrive using Filamente for SharePoint and Office 365?

Step 1: Navigate to your SharePoint site
Step 2: Tap the OneDrive icon on the bottom left corner
Note: This feature is supported for SharePoint 2010 and above or Office 365

Tutorial – Favorites Feature Overview in Filamente Android

Quick overview of the Favorites feature in the Android version of Filamente

Tutorial – Sliding Menu Overview in Filamente Android

Quick overview of the Sliding Menu a new feature in the Android version of Filamente


Tutorial – How to Manage SharePoint and Office 365 Sites with Filamente Android

Screencast on how to manage your SharePoint/Office 365 Site with the Android version of Filamente.


Filamente Tip – How to Edit Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Directly in Filamente using Office Web Apps

In this videocast, you will learn how to edit a Microsoft excel spreadsheet directly within Filamente using your iPad.
To do so, your SharePoint site needs to be configured with Microsoft Office Web Apps. Office Web Apps are available in SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.
Let’s browse to a SharePoint document library and open a Microsoft excel file. I tap the Quick Browse to view the file in a browser mode.
The Microsoft excel file is displayed in the Office Web Apps. Tap Edit in Browser.
Enter the amount in the Cash Sales field. When editing a file in the Office Web Apps, you don’t need to save the changes manually because changes are saved automatically.
Tap the Refresh button to get the latest excel file. Filamente has the latest excel file that has been modified in the Office Web Apps. The file is now stored within Filamente for an offline access.
Note: This feature is available in Filamente v1.6.0 for the both full and lite version. The feature is applicable to iPad users only.

Filamente Overview – How to Use SharePoint Views, Sorts and Filters from iPad


This video provides an overview of how to use Filamente’s most basic features such as adding multiple SharePoint sites, marking contents as favorite, sorting and filtering contents and viewing documents.


Filamente is a Microsoft mobile SharePoint client for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It supports SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.


Managing multiple sites

You can add many SharePoint sites to Filamente for quick access without needing to provide a userID and password by selecting the userID from the existing userID list.



You can tap a star icon for each SharePoint list or document library to save it to your Favorites. Once marked as favorite, you can access them easily from Favorites section.


Local Documents

When you want to keep a SharePoint document for an offline viewing, you can save it to Local Documents.


SharePoint views, sorts and filters

You can view all existing SharePoint views. To select a SharePoint view, simply tap a SharePoint view. You can sort SharePoint items by tapping a column name. Filamente will group items intelligently based on the column type. For instance, for the User group type, items are grouped by each assigned user.  You can then directly navigate to each user via the index.

When you long press (tap & hold) a column, you can apply filters. For instance, to display only Priority 1 and Priority 2 items, select P1, P2 and tap Apply. If you want to apply additional filter criteria, long press the other corresponding column.  For instance, by selecting “John Doe” I see Priority 1 and Priority 2 items assigned to John Doe only.


Document Library

When you go to a document library, you can see all documents and folders. When you tap a folder, you see all documents within the folder. When you tap a document, Filamente shows it on the main pane. For full screen view, tap the full screen view icon. To come back to a normal view, tap the exit full screen view icon.

You can edit MS office documents by sending the document to a third-party software such as Documents2Go and QuickOffice. To do so, tap Action, then tap “Open In..” and select the app that you’d like to use to send a document to.

Filamente Tip – Using SharePoint Content Approval Workflow

You can approve or reject an item using Filamente from your iPad or iPhone once the Content Approval feature is enabled in a SharePoint list or a document library. For the details of setting up the content Approval feature, please refer to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/825239.

If you have an appropriate permission to perform the Content Approval, you can approve or reject a SharePoint content from your iPad or iPhone. Here are the steps to approve or reject SharePoint contents:

  1.  Navigate to the document library or list from Filamente
  2. Tap a list item or document to review
  3. Tap Edit
  4. Select Approve/Reject
  5. Select Moderation Status (Approved/Rejected/Pending)
  6. Provide Comment
  7. Tap Save


See the video tutorial on how to approve SharePoint content from iPad


See the video tutorial on how to approve SharePoint content from iPhone


Adding and Editing Text Files in SharePoint Document Libraries using Filamente

Create and Update Text File with Filamente

Create and Update Text File with Filamente

With Filamente v1.3.3 or above, you can add or edit a text file from a SharePoint document library without needing a third-party app. To create a text file, go to any SharePoint document library using Filamente,  tap “+” and tap “Create Text File.” To edit a text file, tap “Edit” and tap “Edit Item.” Here is a brief demo of adding a text file and then editing it from a SharePoint document library.