How to Send Error Logs for the Filamente app to the Technical Support Team?

When you go to Settings -> Get Support, the Filamente app will automatically attach the error logs to a support email. To adjust the logging level, exclude the log file or view the log file by yourself, please read below.


Adjusting the logging level

If you need to adjust the level of the error logging, you can perform the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap the Logging Level under the Advanced Settings section.
  3. Select None, Error or Verbose to change the level of logging.
    • None: No activities will be logged.
    • Error: Only errors and exceptions will be logged (This is a default setting).
    • Verbose: Errors and all detailed activities that are considered helpful for troubleshooting issues.

Note: To delete existing log files, tap the “Delete log files” button.

Advanced Settings -> Logging Level


Excluding the logging file on the support email

If you do not want to attach a logging file with a support email, simply delete the “filamenteLog.txt” from the email by placing the cursor right to the “filamenteLog.txt” file and tap the backspace key from your iPhone or iPad.


Viewing the contents of the log file

If you would like to read the contents of the log file by yourself, go to Settings, tap Get Support, and change the email address for the email recipient from to your own email, and send the email to yourself. The “filamenteLog.txt” file will be send to your email inbox as an attachment.