Last updated:   November 2013

What is collected?

Aircreek does not collect any personal information about you or any other user within Filamente. Information relating to configured SharePoint sites or documents is not collected. Filamente has internal logging that, in the event the app has encounters an error or crashes, captures detailed debugging information and sends to Aircreek for analysis. This information includes but is not limited to the time that the error occurred, device version, and Filamente version. The error logging is used for the sole purpose of diagnosing issues and helps us to improve the product.

What is shared?

No data is ever shared, exchanged, or sold to any third party or vendors.
What information is stored?

The Filamente app stores settings that allow you to connect to one or more SharePoint sites, including usernames, passwords, and URLs. Files from your SharePoint sites can be downloaded locally to your iOS or Android device and stored in the Local Documents area.
How does Aircreek secure stored data?

All saved settings and data is encrypted following iOS and Android best practices.