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What is Filamente?

Filamente is a SharePoint client that allows you to perform various tasks that you cannot do using a regular web browser on your iPad or iPhone such as document and picture upload, offline access and managing multiple SharePoint sites.

How can I buy it?

Filamente is available on the Apple App Store.

Do you have a free version of Filamente?

Yes, Filamente Lite is a free version of Filamente. It offers all functions of Filamente except for adding, editing and deleting SharePoint data. Filamente Lite is available on the Apple App Store.

What is different between the full and lite versions of Filamente?

The difference between the full and lite versions is that the lite version does not have editing capabilities and misses VGA Output support along with many other features. The editing capabilities include the followings:
1. Add/Upload/Delete a file to SharePoint document library
2. Add/Attach/Delete a file attachment to a SharePoint item
3. Take a photo and upload it to a SharePoint document library or attach it to a SharePoint item (Available in iPhone and iPad 2)


How is my authentication information handled via Filamente?

Filamente is leveraging Apple Keychain service. This means that your authentication information (password) is not stored in Filamente but stored in iOS’ keychain after with encryption. This is the same mechanism that Mail app and other world-class Apps use for handling authentication information.

Is my data transmitted to anywhere other than my iPad and my SharePoint site?

No, your data is transmitted to your SharePoint site only.

Are the local cache and documents stored securely?

Yes, all downloaded files are encrypted using Apple hardware encryption. To leverage the Apple hardware encryption, please make sure to set up the device passcode on your iPhone or iPad.

How can I change my SharePoint password?

From Workspace, tap Edit and select your SharePoint site. Tap Next and tap the accessory button (blue round icon) next to your account. Provide your new password in the Password field and tap Save.

Managing Sharepoint Sites

What versions of SharePoint does Filamente support?

Filamente supports Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

What authentications does Filamente support?

Filamente supports Windows-based authentication, Basic authentication, Forms-based authentication and Claims-based authentication

I cannot connect to my SharePoint site after providing Site URL, Username, Password and Description.

Please verify that you have appropriate permissions to your SharePoint site to register your SharePoint site to Filamente.

Is there a way to go directly to a specific page instead of the root directory of our SharePoint site?

Yes, you can achieve this by marking a specific page as Favorite from items view by tapping a star icon. Once the page is marked as Favorite, from Workspace, you can tap Favorites view to access the page directly without needing to go through a root directory.

File Upload

I cannot upload a document bigger than 50 MB using Filamente.

Your SharePoint site may have the size limit for a file upload to be set to 50MB. Please contact your SharePoint system administrator.

Managing Documents

Can Filamente edit documents?

The short answer is yes for text files and no for other files with proprietary formats such as Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. The current version of Filamente supports the document editing in two ways:

  1. Text files (.txt, .html, .xml, etc.): In Filamente, you can create or edit a text file from “Local Documents” view by tapping “+” button, and then upload to SharePoint using “Upload from Local Docs” option.
  2. MS document files or PDF files: You can send these documents using “Open In…” from Filamente, and edit these documents using a third-party application such as DocsToGo, QuickOffice or iAnnotate, and send them back to Filamente. And then, you can upload those updated documents to SharePoint using Filamente.

Is it possible to “download” a PDF from SharePoint using Filemente, hand over the document to the PDF editor, and then put it back into SharePoint?

You can use “Open In…” menu in Filamente to send a PDF file to other applications such as iAnnotate. Once you finished modifying the PDF file from iAnnotate, you can send the file back to Filamente using “Open In…” menu in iAnnotate. The modified file will be stored in “Local Documents” section in Filamente, and you can upload the modified PDF file to SharePoint via “Upload from Local Docs” menu.

What type of documents can I view using Filamente?

You can view the following type of documents—Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Text, and picture formats. You can also play media files such as MP3 and MOV files.

How do I put documents to Local Documents?

With the current version, there are two ways for you to put files to Local Documents:

  1. Using “Open-In”—You can send a document from other applications such as Mail App via “Open-In” function. For example, if you have an email with a document attached, you can open the email from Mail App, view the attached document, and send the document to Filamente using “Open-In” menu. The document will be stored in the Local Documents folder of Filamente.
  2. Using “Save” button—When you view a document from Filamente, you can tap the Save icon (icon with Floppy Disk shape). The document will be stored in Local Documents folder.

How do I pull up a SharePoint document, edit it and then save it back to SharePoint?

For editing a MS-word or MS-excel, please perform the following steps:

  1. Select a document to edit
  2. Tap Action item, and tap “Open In…”
  3. Select a third-party editor program such as DocsToGo
  4. Edit a MS-word or excel file from DocsToGo

To upload an edited file to SharePoint:

  1. From DocsToGo, send the edited document using “Open In…” function or Mail app.
  2. From Filamente, tap “Local Doc Upload” to upload a document.

How can I open an excel file with macro (.xlsm) within Filamente?

While Filamente does not support an excel file with macro (.xlsm) due to the limit of an iOS platform, there are couple of workarounds to overcome this limitation:

If you are using Office 365, please perform the following steps:

  1. From Filamente, open the xlsm file.
  2. Tap the “Quick Access” button located on the top right corner next to Refresh button (This will open the SharePoint site in an embedded web browser)
  3. Open the xlsm file within the web browser through Office Web App

If you do not have Office 365 or Office Web App, convert an xlsm file to xlsx file from a desktop, and upload the converted xlsx file to a SharePoint site from a desktop to be able to view the content.


When I register my Office 365 site, I receive HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server error. I am using a P1 account with my Office 365 site.

Please verify that the URL that you provided to Filamente has the following format:http://[yoursite] you continue to have the issue even after using the above-mentioned format, please contact us at

With SharePoint 2010, I can see all subsites but I cannot explorer their contents (when I tap the subsite, the same subsites list again and again)

This issue happens with SharePoint 2010 when the Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) [1] is not configured correctly on a SharePoint 2010 server, resulting a SharePoint 2010 web service fail to recognize the current sub site (therefore, causing a loop). Please verify that the site URL that you use for Filamente is registered on the AAM of your SharePoint server. [1] –

When a user with read permissions is connected in sharepoint by Filamente Light, the user don't see anything in “Sites and Workspaces.&rdqou;

For a user to see sub sites, he or she will need to have a “Browse Directories” permission. This following article shows how to configure the Browse Directories permission:

I receive “No Internet Connection” error even when Wi-Fi is turned on.

If you continue to receive the error, please go to Settings, tap “Detect Internet Connection” menu, and turn off Internet Connection Detection. You will need to perform this step when you need to access a SharePoint site in a local WAN environment which is isolated from Internet.

I am unable to see the “Open in Filamente” option in the Mail app or any other app.

As of iOS 4.2, Apple iOS seems to limit only 10 apps to appear in “Open In …” list. A workaround is to remove some of your apps that appear in the “Open In …” list until Filamente appears in the “Open In …” list.

I am using SharePoint 2003. When I go down a SharePoint folder, I am unable to see any files within the folder.

Unfortunately, Filamente does not support SharePoint 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 2.0. SharePoint 2003 uses web services that are not compatible with SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010. It is why you cannot see folders correctly from Filamente.

I can only see this month and some dates in the next month. The rest of the calendar is blank. Am I doing something wrong?

Some other users reported the same issue when they were using SharePoint 2007, and they resolved the issue by applying the hot fix mentioned in this Microsoft kb article ( If you are using SharePoint 2007, please contact your SharePoint administrator to see if the hot fix mentioned in the kb article [1] is installed in your SharePoint environment and if not, please install the hot fix to resolve the issue. If you are not using SharePoint 2007, please contact us.

My SharePoint is in a local LAN, and I receive “No Internet Connection.” What should I do?

Please perform the following actions to resolve your issue:

  1. Tap Settings icon located on the bottom right corner of Filamente.
  2. Tap Detect Internet Connection.
  3. Turn off the Detect switch.


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